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      But I do. Theyd say that Id persuaded you to stay here, or that if I hadnt persuaded you, that I let youan innocent girl, ignorant of the worldhave your own way, and so ruined your life. That would be rather rough on me, Ralda.I am dressed, said Esmeralda.

      Ive heard so much about you, Mr. Howard, she said.

      Yes, said Varley. Are you anxious to reach it to-night?

      The priest left them before eleven o'clock, and Martin Disney sat with his wife till long after midnightTabitha waiting quietly in the next roombefore he could persuade her to go to bed. Isola was more wakeful than usualthough her slumbers had been much broken of lateand there was a restlessness about her which impressed her husband as a sign of evil.

      But Trafford! she panted.

      It flashed upon Esmeralda that Lady Ada had said almost the same thing.


      Statuary gleamed, ghost-like, at intervals, its whiteness relieved by stately palms, ranged round the pedestals. Ancient weapons were arranged in trophies, and reflected the light from the stained window, and the fire of great logs, which, though the day was so warm outside, burned in the open marble fire-place. The floor was of polished wood, with here and there upon it an Oriental rug, like a splash of color spilled from some gigantic palette. A gaunt deer-hound rose from before the fire, and came majestically toward Trafford, and thrust its long nose in his hand.He is a good fellow, said Trafford, absently. He was looking at Esmeralda and thinking of her, not Norman.


      We shall dine alone to-night, said Lady Wyndover. So you need not dress.