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      I shall just look in, he said. Will you come to the opening and to the lunch afterwards with your brother? There is a table for some dozen of my staff.I shall be very pleased to show you anything Ive got, said Keeling. We will have a cup of{274} tea in my library unless Lady Inverbroom is waiting in your motor.

      I dared not retort, but I looked so hard at his paunch that the General smiled. Then he asked me if I knew where we were then camped, and I said we were on the Meadville and Fayette road, near Franklin, twenty miles southeast of Fayette and--

      And now that he had disappeared there was a strong chance that he would never return, and that his personality and all that was connected with him would dissolve from[Pg 193] memory of man or crystallise into a legend. That seemed a legitimate consummation of the affair, and it was the one that Doctor Allingham finally accepted. This visitation, like other alleged miracles in the past, had a meaning; and it was the meaning that mattered more than the actual miracle. To discover the significance of the Clockwork man seemed to Doctor Allingham a task worthy of the highest powers of man.

      Presently his reverie was abruptly disturbed by a faint noise, strangely familiar although remote. It seemed to reach him from the right, as though something crept slowly along the hedge line, hidden from his view. It was a soft, purring sound, very regular and sustained. At first he thought it was the cry of a pheasant, but decided that it was much too persistent. It was something that made a noise in the process of walking along.

      "Certainly; you mean Mrs. Sessions."

      Mr Silverdale beamed on him.It cost him a good deal to say that, but at every word his burden lightened, though his anxiety to know how she would deal with him increased.


      He rose."Yes. Something that interested us yesterday when we saw it."


      "It is nothing to me," Hetty said coldly. "If you desire to avoid a scandal for the sake of the house, my lips are sealed. If you have nothing further to say to me, I will go and see if Mamie is still asleep."


      LADIES AT THEIR TOILET. LADIES AT THEIR TOILET.What are you doing? he said, and glancing up he found that for once she was looking at him with contemptuous anger, held perfectly in control.