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      II did not see her, he said, with feigned easiness. There was no time. I saw Lady Wyndover. Esmeraldathere is nothing seriousshe is prostratedjust that. She will be better The string of falsehoods broke off short, and with a gesture of impatience he took up a pen. Are these all the letters? he asked.I will wear what you like, she said. Butbut I want a rest. I am tired, and

      Something has happened to trouble you, he said, very gentlysomething since we arrived. What is it? Dont you like this place, the servants? What is it? We need only stay the night; we need not stay even so long if you would rather go. Tell me, Esmeralda.

      Thus adjured, he roused himself, and, with the aid of champagne, which he drank as if it were water, became brilliant once more; indeed, he grew rather too noisy for the young lady who had bantered him, and she turned her attentions to the bishop after all.

      Lady Wyndover sunk into her chair and laughed again.Esmeralda smiled coldly.

      Its not far, he pleaded.

      Whats the good of it to me? demanded Bill. I aint got no missis to look after it, and Id look pretty carrying a live infant in front of me on the mare! Id best take her back to Dogs Ear, for I reckon thats where her motherd come from.Im afraid you are getting cold, Lady Wyndover!



      One day, some six weeks later, the place was in a flutter of excitement, which became almost frantic when a cloud of dust appeared on the road leading to Belfayre, and a man who had been watching from a point of vantage galloped toward the castle, shouting: They have come!


      Whywhy have you come? Had he come to upbraid her, as he had done the night they parted? She looked at him with her brows drawn together.