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      But she failed to ask; only confessed herself unfit to judge anybody's English."Doggon her, Fred, I wouldn't give her up!"

      My daughter, he said, the blood is expiated and the uncleanness washed away with consecrated water. Thou art no longer an outcast, odious to the gods. Thou canst again enter the places of assemblage and the temples consecrated to the deities; thou canst once more mingle among thy companions, amid bond and free. But this is not all. Now that thou hast obtained the forgiveness of the gods, thou must be answerable to men....Have you had a nice walk, dear? asked Lilias, folding up her embroidery.

      Norman breathed a sigh of relief, then drove to his own club and called huskily for a soda and whisky. While he was drinking it, it occurred to him that Trafford would not have any traveling clothes up with him, and that, as he would most assuredly start for Three Star immediately he heard Normans exculpation, it would be awkward for him to travel, say, in an evening suit.I think it would be better if you came.

      She called loudly upon the gods name.


      "Home, sweet home! For our ravished one you will, I suppose, permit his beloved country to pay--in its new paper money at 'most any discount--and call it square, eh?" Half the bitterness of her tone was in its sweetness.


      Oh, Norman, youyou make me feel so ashamed. But I saidI did say from the first


      "We have."