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      "Hold on, men," shouted the Lieutenant; "you are certainly not going to abandon your officer?"

      "Look here, Mister," said the Deacon calmly, reaching back into the wagon and drawing out a musket, "I'm a member o' the church and a peaceable man. But I don't 'low no man to call me names, and I object to swearin' of all kinds. I want to argy this question with you, quietly, as between man and man."409

      Yes. Lots of pilots arethey think an accident will happen if anybody wears flowers in their planes

      In a former part of this work455 we found reason to believe that Platos supreme good is no other than the Idea of Sameness which occurs in the Sophist and in the Timaeus, where it is correlated with the Idea of Difference; and we also concluded that the divine creator of the last-named dialogue is intended to represent it under a more concrete and popular form.456 We may, perhaps, also discover it in the Limit of the Philbus; and if we are to believe what Aristotle tells us about the later teaching of Plato, it seems to have finally coalesced with the Pythagorean One, which combines with the unlimited Dyad to form first number, and then everything else, just as the Same combines with the Different to form existence in the Timaeus.457"Bully for you, old Hayseed," said the man who had wanted to whip any man in the right wing of the army. "You're made of the right stuff, after all."

      "Thankee, ma'am," said Shorty; "we can't wait. This'll be a plenty, if we kin only git some buttermilk to go with it. We don't want no meat. We git plenty o' that in camp."


      Relieved of anxiety as to his own personal safety, and having found his son, Deacon Klegg viewed everything around him with open-eyed interest. It was a wonderfully new and strange world into which the sober, plodding Indiana farmer had dropped. The men around him spoke the speech to which his ears were accustomed, but otherwise they were as foreign as if they had come from the heart of China.193


      How? Jeff was regaining his color and his curiosity.


      Did you forget last time to put the stick back and make the blast on the elevators hold the tail down while we taxi? Sure, you didbut you wont again, because you saw that if you didnt we might nose over. You over-controlled, too, and almost nosed over before you caught itand then, we were going so fast I dont know what kept this-here crate from starting to hop.Jeffs a war ace and knows his stuff, Larry mused, and the engine couldnt have died in a better spot. We are high enough and within gliding distance of that old, abandoned private field.