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      [82] The exceptions are exceedingly rare. Father Gravier says that a Peoria Indian once told him that there was no future life. It would be difficult to find another instance of the kind.

      "I reached Meridian," writes their general, "refitted the ...field batteries and made ready to march across (country) and join General Joseph E. Johnston in Carolina. The tidings of Lee's surrender soon came.... But ...the little army of Mobile remained steadfastly together, and in perfect order and discipline awaited the final issue of events."

      I salute you, Glaucus! added Thyamis, pointing to the ladder: The way is open. You and your wife are free!

      For reply there came a light in Anna's face that shone into his heart and was meant so to shine, yet her dissent was prompt: "I must. I must. Oh, Capt--Captain Kincaid, I love that flag too well to let it go misnamed. It's the flag of all of us who made it, us hundred girls--"



      The sparkling girl laughed: "Why, isn't that--with due modifications--just what we're here for?"


      "We are Lutherans."The offender atoned with a kiss on the brow.


      Could Madame and Flora have overheard, how they would have smiled to each other.