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      Varley drew a long breath.

      She started slightly, and her face went white. He was confessing his love for Ada! Her heart hardened to adamant at that moment, and she thought no more of laughter.

      They had turned down a hill, and were approaching West Wickham. The horses were going at a rattling pace; but he noticed, with an admiration that he could not withhold, that she kept them in hand firmly and with perfect ease.

      This day was to see the restoration of his house, the rising of the Belfayre ph?nix, and he was happy.

      What is it, dear? she asked, with loving anxiety. You have kept up so well until now.


      Thats all right, sir, Norman would say, encouragingly; and start off again, with a nod of self-satisfaction to Lilias and a whispered Got off that time; shall catch it some day, though; and serve me right.


      Yes, I can understand that, said Lilias. Did she look very ill?


      Trafford looked from one to the other in amazement. What is the matter? he demanded.