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      I love college and I love you for sending me--I'm very, very happy,

      Dear Daddy,

      I've been reading the English classics.)Cest pour vous un fort vilain cas

      One day, while she was sitting to Mme. Le Brun, Mme. S asked her to lend her carriage to her that evening to go to the theatre. Mme. Le Brun consented, but when she ordered the carriage next morning at eleven oclock she was told that neither carriage, horses, nor coachman had come back. She sent at once to Mme. S, who had passed the night at the h?tel des Finances and had not yet returned. It was not for some days that Mme. Le Brun made this discovery by means of her coachman, who had been bribed to keep silent, but [68] had nevertheless told the story to several persons in the house.Paul turned to one of his aides-de-camp, saying

      Dear Daddy-Long-Legs,Au mme prix qui ne?t t po?te?


      made of logs dotted about among the trees, and they go canoeingFrom a quite small garden close to the palace a bronze gate with three medallions of lilies in high relief, of marvellous workmanship, opens on the Pearl Mosque, exquisitely white, at the end of its forecourt of immaculate pavement enclosed by a marble balustrade. Three polished and shining domes are supported by columns of snow made of a hard white marble, scarcely broken by [Pg 218]ornament, and carrying a roof hollowed into three vaults. The rings are still to be seen on the marble walls outside, to which, when the great Mogul came to prayer, curtains were attached made of gold net and spangled with diamonds and pearls.


      Are you SURELY in a good humour? I failed in mathematics and


      Mrs. Semple bound it up with witch-hazel, murmuring all the time,