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      In spite of their shortcomings, the English had one powerful attraction for all the tribes alike. This was the abundance and excellence of their goods, which, with the exception of gunpowder, were better as well as cheaper than those offered by the French. The Indians, it is true, liked the taste of French brandy more than that of English rum; yet as their chief object in drinking was to get drunk, and as rum would supply as much intoxication as brandy at a lower price, it always found favor in their eyes. In the one case, to get thoroughly drunk often cost a beaver-skin; in the other, the same satisfaction could generally be had for a mink-skin.I shall be studying it. I shall be about to have been studying it.

      me with her arm stretched out to grab me back.[855] Prott de M. de Lvis M. de Vaudreuil contre la Clause dans les Articles de Capitulation qui exige que les Troupes mettront bas les Armes, avec l'Ordre de M. de Vaudreuil au Chevalier de Lvis de se conformer la Capitulation propose. Vaudreuil au Ministre de la Marine, 10 Sept. 1760. Lvis au Ministre de la Guerre, 27 Nov. 1760.

      He has the faintest of praise for the troops from France. "They are generally good, but thus far they have not absolutely distinguished themselves. I do justice to the firmness they showed at Oswego; but it was only the colony troops, Canadians, and Indians who attacked the forts. Our artillery was directed by the Chevalier Le Mercier and M. Frmont [colony officers], and was served by our colony troops and our militia. The officers from France are more inclined to defence than attack. Far from spending the least thing here, they lay by their pay. They saved the money allowed them for refreshments, and had it in pocket at the end of the campaign. They get a profit, too, out of their provisions, by having certificates made under borrowed names, so that they can draw 462[469] Rogers, Journals, 38-44. Caleb Stark, Memoir and Correspondence of John Stark, 18, 412. Return of Killed, Wounded, and Missing in the Action near Ticonderoga, Jan. 1757; all the names are here given. James Abercromby, aide-de-camp to his uncle, General Abercromby, wrote to Rogers from Albany: "You cannot imagine how all ranks of people here are pleased with your conduct and your men's behavior."

      V2 reward but the honor of serving her. The hour had found the man. For the next four years this imposing figure towers supreme in British history.

      "I'm not a man," said Pen simply.The monthly allowance will be all I'll need, and maybe I can earn

      is draped in white and the flakes are coming down as big as pop-corns.

      Here, as in all things, he shared the lot of the soldier, and required his officers to share it. A 91bottle of blacking all for ten cents. That was an unusual bargain,


      [721] Journal tenu l'Arme que commandoit feu M. le Marquis de Montcalm.




      [69] Note of Mr. George Sheldon.