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      Is it? said Esmeralda, indifferently.

      With intense thankfulness, she found that she could stand quite steadily.

      Colonel Disney laid his wife in the place she had loved, the cemetery under the shadow of the old Roman wall, in a verdant corner near Shelley's grave.

      The duke was delighted with Esmeraldas driving.Varley nodded, and a faint smile played about his lips. The men they were going to checkmate were within a few yards of them, divided from them only by the road that spanned the Gulch. They could hear a voice, husky and low, giving orders, a few muttered responses, then all was still again.

      Wheres the bag?

      I do not know what to say! she said in a very low voice.Really? But I suppose not. Well, you must have some lessons at once. Thank goodness, you will soon learnone can see that. She looked at the graceful figure thoughtfully. Not that it really matters whether you dance or not. In fact, there is something original in your being unable to do so; it is all in character. And now let us go into my room and talk over the campaign. Let me see, she said, sinking back on her favorite couch, and regarding Esmeralda between half-closed lids, there is a small and early at Lady Blankyres to-morrow night. That will be just the thing, I thinknot too large, and yet all the bestthe very bestpeople. And Lady Blankyre is a very dear friend of mine, and will understand. If it should prove a successbut of course it willshe nodded encouraginglywe can launch out. So much depends upon the start! If we get a really good start, the newspaper men will take up the running for us, and the rest is easy.


      Are you coming, or not? demanded the ringleader, impatiently, and he significantly imitated the click of a trigger with his lips.Yes; looks bad, doesnt it? he said, scornfully. II suppose you say he saw mekiss her.


      When she got home, she told Lady Wyndover, and that lady was thrown into a state of mild excitement.