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      Cant say, guvnor, he said; Im not Simons nuss. He left this ere camp jest after the coach busness, and when the police came poking their noses. We aint answerable for Simon and his goings-on, and if yer want im yerd better go and find im. An if yer arst me, I think you Three Star chaps are playin it pretty low down on a neighborin camp. Dogs Ear aint ad much reason for regardin Three Star with brotherly love up ter now, an this ere foolishness is a-goin to be chalked up agin you.

      The if you wish it smote him keenly.Yes, its me, said Norman, with his delightful grammar. Im off to catch the first train. Ive had a wire; my mothers bad. Im glad I saw you before I went. Will you please tell LilEsmeraldahe stammered and blushed slightly in his confusionhow it is that Ive had to go so suddenly?

      Isis there any one here who did? asked Trafford. The clerk considered for a moment.When they drove up to the palace, Trafford came out to help them to alight, and the duke, as he leaned on his sons arm, said:


      Lady Wyndover sprung to her feet.

      Trafford, for it was he, started slightly.


      I didnt find anything but this, replied Bill, nodding at the child. I didnt look. I was late aready. There may be papers, or there maynt be.